TOMO (Painter)


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Tomo (Painting Creator) Born 12 December 1973, Yokohama Japan Tomo has been drawing and making things since childhood, when her curiosity was piqued by the crafts her mother and grandmother created as a hobby. She entered her first design show in 2007 at the urging of her younger sister, and was exposed for the first time to the joy of putting her work on display and up for sale. She has remained active as an artist since 2008. Tomo exhibits her work by participating in various art events and staging her own solo exhibitions twice a year. Since 2010, she has shown her work on the twelfth of every month at design festival galleries, dubbing these mini exhibitions "Tomo Day" in reference to her own birthday on the twelfth of December. Smiles are a prominent motif among her works. For materials she relies heavily on acrylics, but also integrates crayons and pastels. Her hope is that those who view her work will enjoy it intuitively, regardless of their age or gender. She is especially keen on creating fun experiences for children, and thus tends toward simple, colorful creations.