Tetsuya Furuhara(illustrator)


English | Japanese

Tetsuya Furuhara was born in1984 and grew up in Saitama, Japan. He grew up in Soka. He loves comics and art when he was child. He drew pictures by his hobby. But he didn’t go art school and didn’t do any art jobs. Tetsuya doesn’t have foundation and knowledges because he didn’t go school. He started to practices using pens and paints first. He uses acryl paint mainly and uses computer a little. Portrait and animal illustrations. He was ordered wedding board by his friend. It was start of his art when he was 25years. He begun to love art again. And his passion for painting and art blazed again. Because my friend was very happy when they look my paint. After that, he drew art every day.

One day, he found 1 artist on the web. He painting on the night club and many events. He moved his mind. The artist’s art was peaceful and beautiful. He thought he want to be artist like him. So Tetsuya had a dream to be entertainer and move peoples mind by art. He continues paint & drawing. After that, his style of art changed to be conscious of people who watch me and artwork. He made many artworks sometimes performance, art & business. His artworks made people smile and happy.

Now he is thinking make artworks that arranged traditional and cool Japanese and his taste. Hi is not yet perfect, he is on a growth process. No one beats His passion.

Website: http://texxarts.wix.com/texx-art


2012 February:4th100人展「Love」

2014 May: start selling LINE stamp

2015 August: live painting at SUMMER SONIC in Chiba.

2015 November: DESIGN FESTA 2014

                Live Paint battle at Ikebukuro

2016 more…