Arisa Itami | Founder
Arisa Itami left Japan in 1998 to pursue her career as a jazz singer in New York. After meeting many artists in 2008, she decided to open a gallery in the birthplace of modern art, Brooklyn, NY, with the concept of “art as a part of lifestyle”. For nine years, she has managed Ouchi Gallery in Brooklyn and has provided artists the space and opportunity to showcase their creativity. In 2008, she went to Africa after founding a project to teach children in Nigeria origami, which is “art made with a sheet of paper”. In 2012, she brought the project to Canada then Italy where she also held an exhibition that featured 100 artists. As the Director of the Japanese Contemporary Artist Team in New York, which she founded in 2014, she supports emerging Japanese artists starting their career as an artist abroad. In 2007, she also participated in a project to create murals at the the Coca-Cola Museum in Atlanta, GA. In 2014, her book, How To Be An Artist - Things They Don’t Teach in School, achieved best seller status in Amazon’s art education genre. She still sings actively in Brooklyn as a bossa nova singer.

Saaya M | Artist advisor
In college, Saaya M. pursued her interest in performance art through film making, theater, and dance classes. There, she saw various people chasing their dreams and decided to land a job that helped people’s dreams come true. After graduating, she became a career advisor for a vocational school helping people fulfill their dreams while being active as a dancer herself. She gained experience performing in numerous productions as both the lead and supporting dancer. In April 2016, she moved to New York to study dance and simultaneously began working at Ouchi Gallery to support JCAT artists.

Yuki Kano | Artist advisor
Originally born in Tokyo, Japan, Yuki Kano spent her childhood in China and Japan and moved to the United States to pursue her education. Having a crafty mother and a father who likes to draw, she always had a fascination with art and earned a BFA in Mixed Studios from Long Island University. She has had numerous solo and group exhibitions throughout the northeast and has also exhibited at art fairs in Hong Kong and Korea. She is currently working at Ouchi Gallery as an artist advisor for the JCAT while pursuing her career as an artist.

Konmasa | Web developer/ photographer
Konmasa is a New Yorker photographer. He used to be a fashion designer; in 2014, he changed his career path and chose to become a photographer based on his rich photographing experiences. Oftentimes he takes pictures of NYFW's runways, parties, portraits, and product shoots. At work, he always wears tank-top and gloves in order to represent his unique elegance-meanwhile-punk style. He now is known as a “tank-top Photographer”.