Satomi Terao (Painter)


English | Japanese

Satomi Terao draws the park that appears in her dreams. It’s a place that is heavily tinged with Natural Law and beautiful, solemn and unknown.She has held a lot of solo exhibition and group exhibition since her career started in 2005.The gallery close to Kyoto planed her solo exhibition. She joined Artist-in-residence program and her picture was displayed in London in 2014. In the same year she has moved to Vancouver and started her career in worldwide. In her childhood, she was surrounded by a lot of books, and soaked in the imagination world which made by Michael Ende and Tove Jansson.She tried to write a novel about her park, however it was hard for her to form a story with words that have functions of transmission and expression. Shgall’s pictures she had seen with her parents at the exhibition gave her a prompt of artistic life when she was 14 years old. He painted the middle of sorrow and smile admirably. The beginning of her pictures is fluid abstract oil paintings.Abstract colors describe season, time and temperature staff like that.Straight lines and math sharps have appeared her paintings since 2012.She has given something like an atmosphere shapes and composed pictures. She has built the original style that express strongly with a transparent and delicate atmosphere. In addition she published the brand-new style the union of landscape draw with pencil and conventional shapes in 2013. There is an absolute distance monochromatic landscape and vivid pattern. She expresses the difference of dimensions, because of two kinds of materials. Painting of her imagination park proves that another world exists. She is hankering the place that is stronger than human power. She thinks that sharing her world with people will become a movement of those ideals come true and try to connect society deliberately.