Narayama Furano (Painter)


English | Japanese

Narayama was born in Yokohama, Japan in 1989 and grew up in a country town encircled by mountains in Hokkaido.  She observed the severe environment of the northern land, the landscapes of the unattended station and the lonely streets, and the lives of people who lived around her.  She gained interest in drawing when she learned oil painting from her father at 10 years old, and upon entering Musashino Art University, she chose a career path as a painter.

Her paintings are strange and surreal. She is inspired by the dim and beautiful works of Edgar Ende, Beksinski, and photographer, Joel-Peter.  Before she began drawing in her childhood, she enjoyed quiet places and often went to the school and public libraries. The fictional and fantasy stories that she encountered in her childhood still influence her art today.

Presently, she is participating in solo and group exhibitions periodically at a gallery in Yokohama.  In 2015, she participated in a show in Germany that was organized by a Japanese company and has begun to actively exhibit in foreign countries.  With careful depiction, she has continued to deformed creatures and figures mainly using oils on canvas.  Occasionally, she uses materials such as panels for a substrate in search of a better way of expression.

Humanity, including herself, is the subject of interest for her and she tries to express the positive impression of a person in her pictures.