MARI TAKAGI (Craft Artist)


English | Japanese

Mari Takagi was born and raised in Hokkaido, Japan where is surrounded by full of nature so that she often created arts using tree branches, leaves, and flowers around her when she was child. She started learning piano when she was four years old, and learning music composition when she was six years old. Composing music was the most enjyable time for her because she liked creative activities. She had worked at Yamaha Music School as a piano faculty for seven years, and then came to NY in 2008. She got sitimulated her creativity by power of arts in NY. She began to experiment again making art, primarily papercut arts while she had studied music composition at The Juilliard School, Evening Division. In 2014, she participated National Small Works Exhibition at Main Street Arts Gallery in Clifton Springs, NY. Most her arts are incorporated music, nature, and animals that she loves.