Kiyohiro Tsushima (Photographer)


English | Japanese

Sky photographer in Tokyo, born in 1983 in Aomori Prefecture. Tsushima got into photography at the age of 23 when a friend complimented him on a casual photo he took of some blossoms during a cherry blossom viewing. His interest was roused, he immediately purchased a used camera and later started working as a photographer. He took photos of the sky then too, but had more fun taking shots of women at the time. In 2012 he quit his photography job, declaring that he would "only take photos of the sky from now on," and started his current occupation that offers more free time. Tsushima finds sunny, cloudless skies boring to look at, but loves seeing clouds floating against the sky masked white with a layer of wispy clouds. He chooses to black out all non­ sky elements such as buildings in his photographs, and his work is characterized by their depiction of highly saturated skies with clouds. Initially exhibiting at galleries and cafés, Tsushima also started selling his work from 2014 at art events in Tokyo, Yokohama, Shanghai, and Switzerland, as well as directly through his shows. Tsushima originally did group shows with some artist friends, but his pace gradually diverged from the other members and he went primarily solo from 2015.