Ken Okamoto (Photographer)


English | Japanese

Ken Okamoto was born in Niigata in 1980. He lived in the Kansai region when he went to university. He began to take photographs in 2011. He wanted to try something fun when his project of work ended and he wasn’t busy at work. At that time, he remembered that city and river landscapes of osaka is very interesting. He began to take photographs using his digital camera. He was enthralled by taking pictures of the attractive side of Osaka. He took a picture of various landscapes in Osaka, for example factory, road junction. He depicted the interaction of Osaka’s city and people by photographing Osaka’s streets. He publishes the photographs on the Web and SNS once a day. One of his projects is “City of Reflection”. It started in september, 2013. It represents reflections and people in Osaka. It is very wonderful that people and the city background form a harmonious. *This world has another beautiful and wonderful side separated from the real world. *This world looks like city in water. *Residents and business men swimming in this world feel like the city is alive. Ken will continue exploring the city in the future because there is so much beauty left to discover.