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Kaoru was born in 1984 in Saitama, which is on the outskirts of Tokyo. She grew up close to her mother’s hometown Iwate in Northern Japan, a land of the ocean and hills. Raised in a family of arts and music, she loved reading books, painting and playing in the world of imagination during her childhood.
 Although Kaoru once worked as a librarian after graduation from University, her meeting with the renowned painter Yoshitomo Nara called back her passion in painting. She started her career as a painter after studying oil painting and other skills at Musashino art school.Unsatisfied with the contemporary art scene of Tokyo that celebrates introverted and dark art style, Kaoru is determined to paint paintings that can be a close support for individuals struggling in the modern society.
 Kaoru’s motivation for art is to know the fundamental story of origin of herself. She has always felt the urge to know what the world is and had certain difficulties to live in this world. Kaoru’s theme includes to work on the potential of art that can give hope and cure to those who are depressed and unable to adapt well to the modern society. This wish has grown increasingly after the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011.

Kaoru’s powerful yet warm lines drawn in serene space give peace and relief to the viewers. The spacious use of canvas reflects her wish for the viewers to enter into the world of the painting and feel freely. Her motifs include: rising sun, dining scenes, and family scenes. Daily life and the practice of living, to be a woman, and to be Japanese, are the themes that Kaoru values and has been pursuing.
 Currently, Kaoru lives and paints in Saitama. She holds exhibitions at galleries and participates in handmade fairs where she can interact with the viewers face-to-face. Kaoru also writes and makes illustrations on her daily findings, books, and Japanese culture on her blog and magazines.
She is also in the process of learning spirituality and holistic way of living. The “mini” series that are amulet paintings and “sugata” series that are new-style portraits that draw the inner expressions were made in this context.
 On the 11th of March 2016, Kaoru did an installation as a remembrance of the Great East Japan Earthquake. She made 311 flowers made from canvas, put them on the wall of a café one by one, and shared the process on Instagram and Facebook live.
 Why do we live, and what is the world that surrounds us? These are the questions Kaoru has, and her expression will always be fresh and alive through her pursuit of life.
Born and resides in Saitama in 1984.
Graduated from Gakushuin University.
Completed Musashino Art School, Specialist training course of paintings。
2011 Solo exhibition at Gakushita Coffee (Mejiro, Tokyo)
2012 Solo exhibition “Life,magic” at Gallery 219[Ni-i-ku] (Omotesando, Tokyo)
2013 Group exhibition “Atelier 111” (Kichijoji, Tokyo)
2014 Duo exhibition “Niji” at Gallery Yasashii Yokan (Meguro, Tokyo)
website https://kaoru1984.amebaownd.com