Itsuko Kosuda (Craft Artist)


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Itsuko Kosuda was born in the city of Daisen, in Akita Prefecture of Japan. She is a knitwear designer, and has her own craft shop and knitting school in central Tokyo since 2006. She graduated from Akita National University, majoring in education. Her passion in knitting sweaters and other knitwear started when she was a child because she had a very unique, petite body size. So she liked wearing fitted sweaters that were knitted by herself, without any official knitting classes. Soon after,she received an official "knitwear instructor" certification during her time as a full­time housewife. And then she started offering knitting classes in her own house in 1992. Kosuda had several exhibitions such as the Tokyo Design FESTA. During that time, she was noticed by a design manufacturer company, which became a milestone for her career. She then had her craft works introduced in several books. Also her own books were published in 2008. She was nominated as a design director for qualification of a hand­knitted association. After these activities, a general corporate international craft society was founded by her and her group in January 2013. This society serves the purpose of promoting various crafts, as well as fancy work. To do so, a group exhibition was held in Tokyo. Later, Kosuda was introduced by NHK, a Japanese public television in 2014. This is her present situation. She is fascinated by her craft, created from only one string, which could make infinite shapes and designs. Gradually, she was attracted to more natural materials, such as silk. Not only is this craft an art, but it also has the purpose of being worn on the body.This is original knitting, but it also emphasizes a person's sense of existence.Today, she continues to knit and enjoys the concept of knitting being an art and also useful.