Cochilocompany (illustrator)


English | Japanese

He is Cochilocompany. He was born in Japan in 1975. When He was good at a picture in commonplace child's time, but he became an adult without studying art. Around twenty years old, he traveled extensively in Asia and Europe as a backpacker. When on the travel he was going to the art museum. It isgood for keeping the coldness and the heat out.  Becauseentrance fee was inexpensive. Also when he has not money, he saw altar pictures at temples and churches. His picture is deep influence from altar pictures, and often takes up a prayer in his theme.

Cochilocompany's art started as a communication tool for his kids. Few years later,  his kids were leaving him. And he divorced,  But he kept drawing pictures... More few years later,  his kids had received his art and heart through his website. His kids and him became best friends.

When he being fun,  he expressing by his character"Charlie".  and being sad,  he express by a lonely girl.

"Charlie" was born from Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011,  and a lonely girl was born from his kind. He wish give hope to children of all over the world by Charlie, and he pray by a lonely girl.

He has dream now,  He would like to show his art to children of the world, and would like to give pleasures.

If you love to his art and collect it,  He can show his art to more children on the world.

He keeps drawing pictures for it,  He is drawing a new picture in Tokyo today.