boss (illustrator)


English | Japanese

boss was born in Shiga, Japan who likes drawing since boss was a child. Boss used to scribble on his own desk and observe boss’s friends reaction when they were looking at it. Mainly, boss was interested in drawing animals and dinosaurs, and also reading some illustrated books to study ecology from them. In 1993, boss was shocked by seeing dinosaurs in the movie ”Jurassic Park” by Steven Spielberg, and from then, boss started getting into the movie world. Boss went to Osaka Art College in 2003. Naturally, boss chose Movie as boss’s major, spending time at college to make scenarios and boss’s own movies. Then finally, boss got a job in the movie world. However, boss started to feel that was hard to make boss’s artistic expression because of the production system. At that time, boss’s illustration became pretty famous and started spreading out. Boss had resigned the job in the movie world and tried to travel around Japan by a moped without no plan where to stay. Boss has met a lot of people who has totally different point of view, great expression of their personality or they just had their freedom and stimulated boss’s creativity. Boss has decided to become a illustrator in 2012. Characteristics of boss’s work is originally influenced by the title sequence of SF hero called “Ultra man”. Those that fascinate boss’s mind are an assemble of irregular shape or patterns that turns into different shapes or to use only silhouette to express something unique. Also, making animal shape with irregular pattern indicates their mystery.