AKIKO (illustrator)


English | Japanese

Akiko was born and raised in Yokohama, and her playthings from a very young age were paper and crayon. As she grew older she was influenced by Japanese girls' manga, and came to copy pictures of girls who wrapped their bodies in particularly stylish fashions. Afterward she entered a fashion university, dreaming of parting from drawing to become a fashion designer. It was during the latter half of her studies, however, in a course on fashion illustration, that she realized her ability not to be limited by fixed forms and to engage fashion design freely, using memories of the manga she loved as a child as a starting point for her current drawings.

After graduating from university, she attended a school of graphic design, in order to expand her design abilities. It was at this time that she became aware of the possibility of working as an illustrator. After graduation, she began pursuing art while seeking work as a designer. She took advantage of a position in publication to begin "Girls' Illustrator Akiko" in 2012. Her style recalls the monotones characteristic of manga, with line drawings and feminine curves, and pop fashion and scenery making up the surroundings. And above all there is a story-containing humor found in the cuteness of each of her works. Having established a fusion of manga and art, she aims for a modern female image, poised to jump out bearing colors and dreams, and continues creating works alongside those who are working to transmit Japanese "kawaii" culture.