Akane Nakamura(Mixed Media)


English | Japanese

Akane Nakamura was born in Aichi Japan on 1993.

She has loved drawing under the influence of her friends since she was chaild. She has loved English which she had hated because she met with an English teacher. She went to the high school which recommended to go study abroad. She went to Australia and Canada to study aboroad when she was high school student. She had joined fashion and some art classes in Canada, and then she found the pleasure of creation. She also took part in drama in English and the contest for oral interpretation as a member of ESS club in her high school. This experience gave her the interest of performance. After going to the University, she starts to study semiotics and girl cluture. She also joins the drama club, and has experienced acter and advertiser in some public performance. She is interested in ZINE, and planning to creat it herself recently. She hasn’t experienced with creating something publicly yet except the plays. However, her core of creation is to represent ideas in her mind that she can not tell well. It is hard for her to tell her mind exactly in the conversations. She plan for creating works that are natural, daily and little bit fantasy.